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Driver Training

follow this link to book your theory test online. www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest

Test Fees

Current theory test cost is £23.00 (PLEASE NOTE: some people have used GOOGLE to search for theory tests and have paid up to £48 to book a theory test. Please follow the link above to the official web site). 

Theory & Hazard Perception Test

The Theory Test for car drivers and motorcyclists was introduced by the DSA in July 1996.

In November 2002 the theory test was changed, in addition to answering 35 multiple choice questions you are also tested for hazard perception awareness skills. You will sit this part of the test on completion of the theory test. You will need to pass both elements at the same sitting to pass your theory test. 

It is designed to improve the safety of newly qualified drivers and riders by making them think carefully about the right attitudes needed to drive safely on today's busy roads and reduce the risk of accidents. Each year around 3500 people are killed on Britain's roads. New drivers take much longer to recognise hazardous situations than more experienced drivers, and many driving test candidates have poor scanning and anticipation skills. These are vital for safe driving.

The theory part now consists of 50 multiple choice question covering a wide range of driving topics. By touching the screen you select an answer or answers from the selection shown. You may go back and change any of the answers before you touch the finish button. To pass you must correctly answer 43 or more question in 57 minutes.

After a break of up to 3 minutes the hazard perception test will start. You will be shown a tutorial video first which uses sample footage with a sound track. This will explain what is required of the test. The test consists of 14 clips of about 1 minute each. These will feature various types of hazards. One of the clips will contain 2 scoreable hazards. You will be required to click on the mouse when you see a hazard developing which would make you as a driver alter your speed or direction. The earlier you respond the higher the score. To pass you will need to score 44 out of 75.

You'll take your theory test on a computer at one of the local Driving standards agency centres in you area. If you suffer from dyslexia than extra time may be allowed for the theory test.

Remember to take your driving licence or PASSPORT if you have the old style licence otherwise your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee.