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The Health & Safety at Work Act requires employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable the health & safety of all employees while at work. A employer also has the responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by work related driving activities. Driving risks should be managed within a health & safety management system.

It is officially estimated that a third of UK road accidents concern business drivers, involving some 20 fatalities & 250 serious injuries every week.

HSE guidelines warn that under such circumstances liability could focus on the company.

The HSE could prosecute the company, and an individual manager with unlimited fines in court.

At the discretion of the police & the Crown Prosecution Service separate charges of individual or corporate manslaughter could be brought in with JAIL terms a possibility.

But companies will have a defence if they have a proper risk assessment policy & took reasonable & practical steps to limit the risk. They are also expected to consult the drivers & where applicable, their health & safety representatives on the issues involved.

Over 65% of all company car drivers will be involved in a road accident in the next 12 months. Of these, human error will be a contributing factor in over 95% of cases.

10 people are killed and over 1000 injured every day on UK roads.

Where are we most at risk?

Road Type                          Accidents                       Serious Injuries

Motorways                                         3%                                          4%

A & B Roads                                     23%                                        50%

Town Centre                                      74%                                        46%


1. Can  help stabilise your insurance premiums.

 2. Can save you money on your fuel & maintenance bills.

3. Can reduce the amount of time off sick & having to pay overtime or employ an agency.

4. Can help to keep your customers who rely on you being there on time.

5. Will reduce the risk of a corporate manslaughter charge.

6. Fewer vehicles needing repair.

7. Less chance of key employees being banned from driving.

Health & Safety Executive info line 0845 345 0055 www.hse.gov.uk/roadsafety/index.htm

Department for Transport info line 0207 944 8300 www.thinkroadsafety.gov.uk/advice/wrrs/index.htm

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